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  • BCN Biotin 10x2ml

    The Biotin solution from BCN Institut laboratories is known for its regenerative properties. Indeed, Biotin has an important action on cell growth and renewal; which allows an active and optimized stimulation of these. Thus, the structure and appearance of your skin is both embellished and fortified.

    In addition, this solution is necessary with regard to the production of fatty acids. Indeed, it is essential to produce these acids since they make it possible to reinforce your cutaneous barrier, but also, they act on your level of cutaneous hydration by maintaining it.
    In addition, fatty acids fight against skin inflammation while acting on the healing of the skin.
    Finally, these acids also help fight free radicals, known to be the causes of skin aging.

    Finally, Biotin also acts on the metabolism of amino acids.

    In conclusion, this solution makes it possible to regenerate your cells, since it accelerates the synthesis of your lipids which will increase the barrier of the skin by considerably reducing wrinkles.

    Namely, Biotin also helps relieve skin concerns such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, dry skin but also premature hair loss or discoloration.

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