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  • Art Filler Lips (2x1ml)

    Handcrafted in the heart of France by the renowned FillMed laboratories, it’s a true masterpiece in the world of dermal fillers. With its core ingredient being hyaluronic acid, this remarkable product has been tailored to provide that coveted boost of volume to your lips, delicately restoring their natural beauty. What sets it apart is its ability to consistently deliver incredibly satisfying results, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a subtler, less invasive alternative to surgical procedures.

    And for our Canadian customers, we’re proud to offer Art Filler products, including Art Filler Lips, at wholesale prices. Our commitment to providing top-quality beauty solutions is complemented by our unbeatable wholesale rates in Canada. So, enhance your natural allure and discover the benefits of Art Filler in Canada, now readily available for you.

    CAD $199.00
  • Art Filler Universal (2×1.2ml)

    Crafted by FillMed laboratories, Art Filler Universal is a beauty secret. It’s your answer to smoothing those medium wrinkles, rejuvenating your facial volume, and giving your lips that desired fullness.

    What’s truly remarkable about Art Filler Universal is that it delivers genuine, instant, and effortlessly natural results. How does it work its magic? Well, it’s all thanks to hyaluronic acid, meticulously created through cutting-edge biotechnology. These gels undergo rigorous purification steps, ensuring purity. Plus, here’s the best part – It’s all proudly available in Canada at wholesale prices

    CAD $219.00
  • Fillmed Art Filler Fine Lines (2x1ml)

    Crafted in the Heart of France by FillMed Laboratories, Here’s FillMed Art Filler Fine Lines: Your Beauty Elixir

    Discover a beauty secret that transcends time. FillMed Art Filler Fine Lines is your go-to gel-based, hyaluronic acid dermal filler – and it’s completely animal-free. Bid farewell to those facial lines and wrinkles, like those around your mouth and those pesky crow’s feet. It’s like a mini makeover without going under the knife. The magic? Instant and oh-so-real results that breathe new life into your skin.

    ART FILLER products have a singular mission: to restore what time may have taken away. They fill in those wrinkles, plump up those contours, and revive your natural allure.

    CAD $209.00
  • Filorga NCTF 135HA 10X3ml

    Filorga NCTF 135 HA, now Fillmed, isn’t just an anti-aging mesotherapy cure – it’s a holistic approach to skin health. This beauty treatment takes on the signs of aging while also preventing its root causes.

    It’s perfect if you’re dealing with dullness, dehydration, sagging skin, loss of density, tone, suppleness, or sun overexposure. NCTF 135 HA comes to the rescue, smoothing out superficial wrinkles and giving your complexion a radiant boost. It’s a deep moisturizer that revitalizes tired, lacklustre skin and enhances elasticity, firmness, and tone.

    The secret? A poly revitalizing solution, blending hyaluronic acid with 55 nourishing ingredients like vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, nucleic acids, minerals, and antioxidants. This expert cocktail fills in the gaps left by aging, turning back the clock on your skin. NCTF reawakens and deeply hydrates skin that’s lost its radiance, tone, elasticity, or firmness.

    CAD $499.00