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  • Revanesse Contour 2×1.2ml with lidocaine

    Revanesse Contour 2ml is the latest addition to the Canadian laboratory Prollenium filler product line, ISO certified and US FDA approved.

    Revanesse and the only line of AH dermal fillers produced in North America.

    The Revanesse line of fillers uses a unique formula that allows easy injection of a highly viscous gel with a fine needle without causing the hyaluronic acid particles to break down, giving a more natural result.

    On the other hand, the degree of cross-linking of Revanesse gels is such that they allow long-lasting results.

    Revanesse Contour 2ml is it more precisely a gel formulated for the facial contour and modelling.

    It is ideal for large volumes and can be used for the mid-volume of the face.

    CAD $311.00
  • Revanesse Kiss 2×1.2ml with lidocaine

    Revanesse Kiss 2×1 ml is a specially designed hyaluronic acid for the lips. Revanesse Kiss is made to increase the volume of the lips or improve their definition. The unique properties of your lips require a specific formulation to ensure the best possible results.

    The composition of this gel allows a simple and easy injection into the lips. In short, this gel helps to better define the lips, create volume and soften wrinkles around the mouth (bar code and other fine perioral wrinkles).

    CAD $287.00
  • Revanesse Ultra 2×1.2ml with lidocaine

    Revaness Ultra is a “dermal filler” product with thicker gel and a formula designed to treat lines and deep wrinkles or marked as the nasolabial folds and the corners of the mouth. This product is also ideal for create volume on most parts of the face. It should be injected into the mid-deep dermis.

    CAD $299.00