Belotero Balance Lidocaine 1ml

Experience the art of rejuvenation with Belotero Balance Lidocaine. This injectable dermal filler is a masterpiece, crafted from cross-linked hyaluronic acid that your body naturally absorbs. It’s like a little boost from nature itself.

This gel has a delightful moderate volumizing effect. It’s your secret to bidding farewell to those pesky moderate wrinkles and furrows, and it even adds a touch of plumpness to your lips. The best part? It’s all about keeping it natural, offering a fantastic alternative to surgery.

What sets Belotero apart is its patented CPM (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) crosslinking technology, ensuring a perfect, harmonious blend with your skin.

And when you choose Belotero Balance Lidocaine, you’re choosing quality from Health Canada-authorized supplier, Aesthetics Depot. Because your beauty journey deserves the best.

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